Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hands in my pocket

Am I the only one who is disturbed when watching those Citibank card commercials where regular people are doing things like walking, playing tennis etc while a suit follows them around with his hand in their pocket.

For fans of Prison Break, visually this looks similar to what the character T-Bag had certain characters do for him. His character is a bit of a bully (let's call it THAT as my mother may be reading this blog) and any people who were "subservient" to him were forced to hold on to the out-turned pocket of his pants.

Canadian comedian Rick Mercer recently did a spoof of these commercials regarding the Canadian Revenue Agency called "Knee In My Package". It is about the funniest thing I have ever seen on CBC. I have also included a link to his blog under "Writers I like". Also added to that section is Coglero's blog. It should also be good for some laughs.

Speaking of the CBC, I am currently in a baseball pool with a number of employees of that fine network. Despite finishing second last year and winning it all in 2001, I am in a sad 11th place with only Emo keeping me out of the bottom. Screw you Derek Lee, Bartolo Colon, Jeff Weaver, Joe Blanton etc etc. The list goes on and on.

Watching some baseball last night, I have a new favourite pitcher, Russ Springer of the Houston Astros. He intentionally pitched inside on public enemy #1 Barry Bonds, actually hitting him with the fifth pitch on his back. Springer was kicked out but received a chorus of cheers from the Houston faithful.

My 5 most memorable Barry Bonds moments.
1. 1992 LCS vs. the Braves. Pirates LF Barry Bonds is unable to throw out the slowest runner in the history of Major League Baseball, Sid Bream. Bream's run gives Atlanta the victory in the series.

2. Russ Springer throws 5 pitches intentionally inside on Bonds preventing him from hitting a home run to tie Babe Ruth for second overall.

3. Bonds has a disagreement with Jeff Kent in the Giants dugout. They push and shove and at one point, Bonds grabs Kent by the neck.

4. The pressure is clearly getting to Bonds. In a late season 2004 press conference, reporters are asking Bonds numerous questions about the steroids scandal. He answers everyone of these questions with "Next Question!". When a reporter asks why he won't answer the question, he replies, "because they (the questions) are stupid."

5. 2005, another press conference, another time Barry Bonds looking stupid. When reporters begin asking him about the steroids scandal, Bonds decides to turn it around on the reporters. "You guys are re-running stories. This is old stuff. It's like watching Sanford and Son. It's almost comical, basically.... Are you guys jealous, upset, disappointed, what?"


Blogger Cogs said...

Speaking of Bonds - here is a quote I found on him:
"If it turns out that Barry Bonds used steroids to bulk up and add muscle mass, he could get four to 8 years as governor of California."- Argus Hamilton

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